Best Dentistry in Singapore: Trusted and Affordable Dentist near Raffles Place

Which dentist practice in Singapore would provide the type and quality of dentistry we had become so accustomed to and trusted? We have visited many dentists in Singapore and were left disappointed. Panic and despair set in. Then we came across Dr. Dorothy Leong practice in Aug. 2014, and the sun shone once again. This year, 2016, Dr. Dorothy Leong and his team have provided us with a continuation of the type and quality of dentistry we were looking for. My wife, my children and I are extremely impressed and grateful that Dr. Dorothy Leong has put together such a dedicated and superb team. Finally we can relax knowing our teeth are once again in safe and caring hands
I and my family have been going to Dr. Dorothy Leong’s Dental Clinic Raffles Place. Everyone there is so helpful and friendly, and we’ve received such great treatment and care for all the big and small issues. I and my family always leave with a happier smile.


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